My Fish

“My Fish” is created from a photo taken at Cannon Beach, Oregon.  My husband and I have been visiting there in and off for the last 20 years.

This scene was captured in the summer of 2018.  I saw this seagull eating a fish most likely found on the beach.  I was trying to get a frontal view of the bird, however every time I got close, he would turn away with his fish, as though I was going to take it.  Then, I would turn away and he would turn back my way.  So I would turn back to try and capture his image. 

Still, he would turn away.  We played this game for at least 5 minutes.  Finally, I just took this shot.


In my decision to capture the essence of this photo I wanted the scene to reflect the fading light and the satisfaction this seagull had at obtaining this fish.  It was as though you could see the pride he had in his evening meal.  He seems proud to display it and wanted to show it off however, he didn’t want to share it or anyone too close.

I wanted to capture the remaining light and I also wanted to capture the shine of the sun already set on the wet beach.

I spent about a year thinking how best to capture these elements and decided a “confetti quilt” style would be how I would approach it.  I feel this piece has a story book feel to it and I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

Confetti quilt is achieved by sprinkling shedded batik fabrics over a quilt back and batting til you get the desired effect then you put a piece of black tulle over the piece and stitch down all of the pieces.  Then acrylic paint is used to at detail and dimension. 

I chose deep blues and greys and greens to give late evening drama.  These colors complement homes utilizing a minimalist approach and add character at the same time.

This piece is sized at 41’x42” and comes complete with a hanging dowel.

Holly Gardner

Textile Artist


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