Robins, Robins Robins Everywhere!

Robins, Robins, Robins Everywhere!!!! 

Yes, it has been some time since I have written anything and I so apologize. I picked a heck of a year to launch an art business. Still, I have found time to create and I am most grateful for it.

I started a series on Robins. I actually don’t know why I became fascinated with them except that I started seeing them everywhere. My thoughts were that in the crazy world of Covid here was an everyday bird that seemed to cheer me up. 

I know we have all suffered in some respect during this pandemic. We have all run the gamut of fear, of anger, of depression and sometimes all at once.

Enter in my Robins! First, let me say I often sit and look out my window to my backyard and I see many birds, however there, the robins would wander and even come to the fountain close to the window. It gave me hope and so I decided to try my hand at creating robins in fabric and thread.

I found this wonderful website all about the spiritual side of encountering robins. As I explored the meanings of my encounters with robins, I began to really appreciate this often “over-looked average” bird. I looked to find joy in the simplicity of such a everyday bird. Like a neighbor come to say “Hi” and “ How are you, today?” 

As it so happens robins “spiritually remind us to uncover happiness. Robins are associated with the end of an old phase and entering a new one. To See a Robin means you need to let go of what no longer serves you and find something else to bring you joy and happiness. The robin bird is encouraging you to be brave again.” 

“ The Robin has so much to teach you in life, is a sacred bird that offers protection and spiritual  enlightenment .” 

I was fascinated by the thoughts (found on-line) about robins and I felt that it endeared robins to me even more.

I have created 5 robins so far with the intent of creating at least 5 more.

For the Fall and Christmas season I have created a print promotion to share my robins with you. The following robins are available as framed and matted prints, as well as I am offering a set (8 )of 5” x 5” cards beautifully printed to give to friends or for yourself to send cards the “ Old Fashioned Way” to your friends and family whom you could not visit this past summer ( due to Covid!, aren’t you tired of hearing that! I am!)

This first Robin is called, “Snow Bird.” He was created in December of 2019 and the first of my robins. He is little but mighty and tells us that God with provide all that we need when we need it.

Pierre,”is my Fall Robin to remind me how beautiful the colors of Autumn can be! (even if I never feel like I have enough Summer!) I created “Pierre” for the SAQA On-line Benefit Auction. If you like him, you can get a framed and matted print of him. 

Patience For Spring ” is the robin that brings hope for the holiday season and readies us to be patient for Spring.




 Hi There,” let’s us know that Robin is always around ready to spread good luck and cheer.






And then there is “Beachy Robin” which expresses our need and drive to see the Ocean and remember just how we are small yet mighty compared to the “Big Blue.’






Please visit my website at to see pricing  and to order my robins prints.

My Robin cards are coming soon and will be on my website shortly. 

 If you want an original robin consider a commission.

Happily in Stitch,

Holly Gardner 


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