The Start of a New Profession

I started my textile art because my husband, Bryan wouldn’t let me put a framed piece of art above the bed.  The Washoe County Basin is full of fault lines.

We had recently experienced some earthquakes in Reno.  Yes, we have earthquakes.  In fact, during my Geology course at UNR, I studied fault lines very close to where our neighborhood is currently.  That said, I thought surely a quilt if it fell on our heads wouldn’t meme us.  He couldn’t object to that. 

So when our local quilt store had a Art Quilt Landscape class ( thank you,Nancy Ryan, who gave excellent instruction) I signed up.

After I finished the class I showed my Chiropractor’s wife and dear friend,  Kathy Dudley.  She asked if I would like to become her art partner with Reno Open Studios.  So I signed up and put together as many quilts as I could. I sold that first quilt I made.  And I was hooked. I knew I would do another show the following year. 

If you are or your husband are concerned about earthquakes or if you would like to see a beautiful art quilt above your bed, contact me.  I can put together a wonderful piece to compliment your decor and style with your specifications.  Art Quilts add a drama, warmth and value that framed pictures can’t.  Textile Art helps with acoustics as well, absorbing sound.

Here are some of the pieces I have created for private collection.

If however you prefer a framed piece feel free to browse my Prints.  The high quality cotton textured paper does well to show the detail and dimension of my work. Looking for a different size print than offered or a signed piece?  Contact me with your ideas and we can come together with solutions.


Holly Gardner

Textile Artist

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