Art in the Home

Art in the home
Art in the home

Happy New Year! My hope that 2022 is great. Many of you know I purchased a new long arm quilting machine. I am thrilled with this purchase. It allows me to quilt a bit faster as well protect my wrists and shoulders.

Currently, I am not in any art shows. However, I am working on improving my skills with this new machine and I am working on developing my skill in drawing.

I will be participating in 3 shows later this year. One is to be announced and the other 2 will be in September. These will be large shows and I am honored to be a part of them. The first is the Reno-Tahoe International Art Show occurring September 8th-11th at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. I gave an interview about my work and my love of Textile Art for this show. Here is the link for this interview.

Also, I have been asked to do and exhibit in conjunction with several other local artists for The Keck Museum in conjunction with the Lilley Museum. It is a great honor to be asked and a dream of mine for my work to by in a local museum exhibit. More information will be given in the Spring for these shows so stay tuned.

In the mean time, you can see my current works page and find me on-line at the Reno Fine Arts Collective website. They will also be opening a new location very soon and I will update you on that as well.

Just a few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to a blog by RedFin entitled, “The Art of Choosing Art,” by Ryan Castillo. I have linked it here for you.

After spending so much time at home this pandemic, I have learned to embrace my abode more. Perhaps you can relate. I find myself staying in more and as a result I’ve been sprucing up my home by doing a little remodeling and painting.

With all this I would like to discuss a recent commission I did for a young family. I was invited to audition several of my textile quilts in the family’s arts and crafts style home. Specifically for art placed above the fire place mantle in the family room. After auditioning the 3 pieces it turned out that my client wanted to commission a piece created from a photo she took of Lake Tahoe.

Copy Right-Tahoe Scene

She liked her photo but wanted the colors and sky scape of some of the pieces I had done. She really liked the fiber technique I had done while creating my Washoe Valley landscapes.

So I worked with her photo and my imagination based on various cloud formations and sent her photos along the way to let her see the progress. Towards the end though, I didn’t let her see the quilt until I delivered it to her home.

She was thrilled with it. I believe this art quilt will bring her and her family serenity, joy and great memories of their trips to Tahoe.

Commission by Holly Gardner

If you have a special photo you would like turned into an Art Quilt consider working with me to put together a special one of a kind piece to go in your home. Whether above your bed or for your living or family room, textile art both softens a room, and helps with acoustics.

That’s it for now. I hope you have wonderful year.

Next blogs coming soon.

Warm regards,

Holly Gardner

Textile Artist

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