Road to California

Flick by Holly Gardner

Hi Everyone,
Last week I was in Pacific Grove, California for an art/quilting retreat on painting silk with Andrea Brokenshire. The Empty Spools classes were held at the Asilomar in Pacific Grove. I chose to paint a Lady Slipper. This is Andrea’s Lady Slipper to which I am trying to emulate.

Here is my partially painted piece. I will post it when it is done.

It was raining much of the time. However, My friend, Lisa and I were able to get to the beach in Monterrey, watch the sailboats, and enjoy the beach on the day before the classes started. It was lovely and so beautiful. I have always loved the ocean.

Monterrey, California photo by Holly Gardner

There are many hummingbirds in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have been watching them whenever I go there. Recently, I have been visited in Reno by a hummingbird that frequents my water fountain. He even came when it was snowing. It has prompted me to do an art series.
Hummingbirds remind us to stop and smell the flowers and that the greatest gifts in life are free.
I have been working on my hummingbirds and drew out these 4 little guys.

I started stitching them as well. Here is one I have finished.

Flick by Holly Gardner , photo by Bill Tiepelman

I will be stitching more hummingbirds and demonstrating my work at the East Fork Gallery on April 2nd (11am to 3pm).

And for some big news. I have some art that has not sold I would like to raffle it off at the East Fork Gallery on April 2nd. The East Fork Gallery is located at 1512 Hwy 395 Suite 4. There number is 775-782-7629. Everyone who comes to see my work and demonstration will get one free raffle ticket. At the end of the day, I will choose two recipients for these two art pieces.

That’s it for this blog. I hope to see everyone in April.

Holly Gardner
Textile Artist

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