The Best Laid Plans

How do I tell you this…..

Recall, I said I was not doing any shows this year…. Well. I fibbed.
I was invited to do the Spring Spruce Up show at the East Fork Gallery in Gardnerville in Conjunction with one other guest artist Stephan Sandor who is a Ceramics artist. The invitation is an honor I could not pass it up. My work will hang for the month of April and I will be demonstrating my work on April 2nd from 11 am to 3pm. The location is 1512 Highway 395 Suite 4 in Gardnerville, NV. This will also be a reception with light refreshments. This is Palm Sunday. For those you who observe Palm Sunday, I still invite you to come and see me if you are able. If you can’t make it that day you are still welcome to come during the month of April and see my work.

So what have I been up to these past two weeks.

I worked on my Procreate drawing. I am learning about layers and clipping masks and masks and all the different brushes. If you are interested in Procreate you can down-load the app to your Apple iPad. While you can purchase classes on Udemy and Domestika , I have found a vast amount of classes and videos on YouTube. Procreate has their own channel I have linked here.
There are four videos in this series, I found them informative for the beginner.
I was able to draw this apple as one of my projects on my Domestika course.

Also, I have been reading a book called Making Your Creative Mark by Eric Maisel. I found it at the library. I am not done yet because I have been distracted with my many others projects. I have enjoyed the book and I recommend it for the psychology of creating artistic work.

Also, both my daughter and I have been brushing up on our French on Duolingo in anticipation of traveling to France and (myself ) to Montreal.

I hired Aces Cabinets to makeover my cabinets. Initially I was going to get my cabinets completely redone but due to the time I opted to get a cabinet makeover. Francisco the owner does wonderful work. He installed new custom made pull out drawers for one of my cabinets and I now can pull out the roll-outs to be able to reach my heavy pots and pans without having to squat down. He also retro fitted my drawers and cabinets with new soft close hardware and added some decorative panels to hide the cheap melamine looking board on the sides of my island.

Francisco saw my art work and asked if I would recreate his company logo in Fabric collage. Of course I accepted the challenge. So what do you think? Look for the owl, the wolf and the crows in the collage. There are also plenty of birds and trees. The background is painted with acrylic washes.

These next couple of weeks going forward, I am planning to get started on my peacock and hummingbird series. I will be putting in some sneak peaks of my work as I get them ready for the Spring Spruce up show at the East Fork Gallery soon. I hope to see you there. I also have to complete my garden glove to go one the Garden Quilt for the S.A.Q.A. Exhibit in June. Until the next blog …



    1. Good Morning Darlene,
      Thank you ofr your kind words. I hope all is well with you and Jim.

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